New PSD To HTML Client Portal Is Live!

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As mentioned in a previous blog post, we’ve been working long and hard to complete a portal that drastically improves our clients’ experience when using our PSD to HTML services.  We’re very proud to announce that our client portal is finally fully live and operational!

Why does this matter to you?  We’ve designed the client portal to help you in three basic ways:

1. Improved Organization

Upon logging in, you’ll notice every project you have with us (past or on-going) is easily accessible in our Client Dashboard.

PSD To HTML Client Portal Dashboard Image

No need to seek out that old slice we worked on three months ago in your inbox.  Have an update that’s required for an old order?  Piece of cake, simply find it in your dashboard, click “Details” and submit a new ticket.  Update done!  Still prefer to work with us via email?  Not a problem, respond to any message via email and it’ll automatically show up in the right spot in the portal.

2.   Better Communication

We’ve implemented all sorts of tools aimed at answering your common questions before you need to ask.  For example:

Our Progress Bar shows you how close we are to completing your order, in real time.

PSD To HTML CSS Client Portal Progress Bar Image

Our Payment Status box shows you how much is outstanding for each order.

PSD To HTML CSS Client Portal Payment Status Image

Our Download Previous Versions button allows you to download any older version of our work, any time.

PSD To HTML CSS Client Portal Download Previous Button Image

3. Quicker Turnaround

When it comes to PSD to HTML slicing work, so much time can be lost waiting for simple things to get done.  Our project management and ticketing system ensures that all tickets, questions, and updates are tended to as quickly as possible by the appropriate expert.  Furthermore, our secured file download system allows you to access your completed files the minute your order is completed, no matter where you are!  The end result is a whopping 25% to 50% quicker turnaround on many orders.

In a nutshell, our client portal allows you to easily:

  • View all of your orders with us (including active and completed).
  • View all project details for each order.
  • View all messages and revisions for each order.
  • Pay outstanding balances.
  • Download completed files.
  • Change your profile settings.
  • Place new orders without needing to re-enter your information.

And that’s just to start.  We’ll be adding more and more features to our portal with the aim of helping make our clients’ lives a little bit easier.

If you have any feedback or feature requests, we’d love to hear them – just shoot us a message.

Happy Coding!

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