3 Reasons Why Wordpress Reached 50 Million Blogs (And Counting…)

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This is nothing to sneeze at: the famous ticker in the Stats section over at Wordpress.com counting how many sites are using the blogging platform has just surpassed the 50 MILLION mark (preferably said in a Dr. Evil tone).   We’re responsible for a over a couple thousand of those, so who knows where they’d be without us?!

Seriously though, we’re really excited about the milestone for a very simple reason:  we adore Wordpress.

Simply put, Wordpress has become a truly remarkable CMS.  Here are 3 good reasons why:

1. Simplicity: Compared to Joomla, Drupal, and the like, Wordpress is extremely easy to use.  Anytime we have a client that is unsure of which platform to use and is unfamiliar with Content Management Systems, we guide them straight to Wordpress because it’s the only one of the lot that can be picked up within an hour by a complete newbie.  (Special mention should go out to Tumblr, which is actually even easier than Wordpress, but far far more restrictive.)

2. Versatility: Compared to other CMS’s, Wordpress has (by far) the largest collection of developers contributing to it’s development as well as experts that can setup and modify Wordpress sites as needed.  As a result it’s got the most plugins (for everything from SEO to Payment Processing), the best support forums, and the widest variety of  developers able to modify and fix issues.

3. Popularity: You can’t argue with the numbers.  50 million sites is a LOT.  According to Pingdom.com, as of December 2010 there were 255 million websites on the internet. For a single, open-source platform to account for 20% of ALL websites out there is simply astounding – especially considering it’s only been around since 2003.

So a big shout out to Wordpress creator Matt Mullenweg for launching what is quickly becoming the most important Content Management System the web has ever seen.

Thanks SuperMatt!!

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