New Google List Highlights 1000 Most Visited Websites.

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At the end of May, Google released a list of the 1000 most visited websites and the number of pageviews during April 2010 as measured by DoubleClick’s Ad Planner here. In case you’re wondering how site traffic for this list is measured, you can read the following information posted by Google: here, here, here, here, and here.

The raw data can be dowloaded by logging into Ad Planner and accessing the Lists tab. You can also download the complete list from the link at the bottom of the post. Also included in our file is some additional anlysis I have done, including the % of total pageviews attributable to each website, the ratio of pageviews/unique visitors (to measure how many pages the average visitor accesses) and summaries of the data by the category Google assigned to the website and by TLD.

Some observations about the data:

Observations are from the analysis is done in the excel file available at the bottom of the post. If you don’t want to read through everything, #1-4 and particularly #3 are the most important.

1. The stats exclude Google sites such as Google.com and Youtube.com

2. The stats also appear to exclude adult sites, although one site, game2.com.cn, is categorized as Porn. Not only is it a large Chinese site located at a .cn (and we all know about the Chinese censors), but, at a minimum its images do not appear to be pornographic. As I don’t speak chinese I cannot comment on the content.   Quite a few of the Alexa top 1000 sites are adult in nature, so this is obviously quite the doughnut hole for those interested in the websites with the most traffic, regardless of content.

3. Much was made in the news and blogosphere when the data was released about how Facebook not only led in terms of unique visitors, but also that it had more than 8 times the pageviews of runner-up Yahoo!. What I have not seen mentioned is that Facebook accounts for 44.6% of the pageviews of the DoubleClick Ad Planner Top 1000 Sites for April 2010! By itself Facebook accounts for nearly as many pageviews as the other 999 websites combined!  In fact, Facebook has more pageviews than the next 135 sites ranked by most pageviews and more pageviews than the next 315 sites ranked by unique visitors.

4. Social Networks appear to clearly be the websites people spend the most time on.  The top 7 sites in terms of Page Views-to-Unique Visitors are all Social Networks.  In fact, the top 3 (tuenti.com, kontakte.ru, and facebook.com respectively) have ratios of greater than 1000:1!  That is more than double the top website from any other category and more than 10 times the average of 88.3 (1,276,611,000/14,465,800,000). As a category, the 34 Social Network sites had a Page Views:Unique Visitors ratio of 659:1. People really seem to be enthralled with their Social Networks, so don’t ever let anybody tell you that Social Networks are not an important way to get your message out!

5. In terms of total pageviews, the number 4 position is held by a Russian Social Network, kontakte.ru (although it was “only” 81st overall by unique visitors). One word: Who?!  Never heard of ‘em!

6. In terms of pageviews, positions 4-7 are non-English websites. Therefore, 4 out of the top 7, 6/13, and 9/18 of the top sites are non-English sites. This does not even account for the fact that 2 of the “English” sites (Facebook and Hi5) are actually multilingual and effectively used in other languages.

7. In terms of tlds .com dominates and accounts for 67.4% of the entries on the list and 81% of the pageviews. However, excluding facebook.com, .com’s % of pageviews falls to 65%. In fact, facebook.com accounts for more than half (55%) the pageviews of the .com sites on the list.

8. The top 10 tlds on the list ranked by 3 different metrics:


# of Sites

# of Unique Visitors

# of Page Views


.com (674)




.net (57)




.co.jp (29)




.cn (26)




.com.cn (25)




.jp (20)




.de (19)




.org (19)




.ru (19)




.fr (11)



- .ne.jp is a surprisingly (to me) popular extension – 10 sites (11th), 9th in terms of unique visitors, 16th in terms of page views.
- .ru has the second most page views by tld
- For all the highly ranked sites with chinese extensions, they appear to have relatively few page views

9. It is interesting to note that even when considering the largest global audiences, cctlds make up 24.1% of the sites and 15.8% of the page views. While .com may be “king” and hold a significant advantage over the other gtlds (global top level domains), cctlds hold a very important part of the traffic. It will be interesting to see if the proportion changes as time goes on.

10. Government websites: According to the list, 7 of the top 1000 websites are .gov websites (6 are US websites and have a .gov tld and 1 is a UK website with a .gov.uk tld). Also according to the list, advertising is available on ca.gov (the California state government website), although I do not see where (this makes me somewhat question the reliability of the data).

That’s it for me. If anybody else decides to take a look, please post anything interesting you find in the comments.

Data File with Analysis:

Top 1000 Traffic Stats from Doubleclick.PSDtoHTMLCSS Analysis

Notes about the data:

a) Items in red were included by me.

b) Although I included a column with % of unique visitors, this is a bit of a misnomer. A single person may be a unique visitor at multiple sites, so this number does not represent the % of people observed that visit the site. Reach is the metric meant to measure the % of Internet users that access the site. The column I included was just meant to make it easy to eyeball numbers.

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    Awesome if not tremendous job. Extremely interesting to see the dominance of those damn social networks. Clearly, the result of the FAX EFFECT at work. aka (Kevin Kelley) Regards

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