The PSD To HTML / CSS Blog Is Now Live!

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Welcome to the PSD To HTML / CSS blog.  We’ve decided to launch it in an effort to connect with our dear clients, but also as a way to connect with web designers, agencies and professionals on a broad scale.

This isn’t going to be your typical corporate blog, with nothing but announcements of how we’re great and moving forward.  Sure, there will be some of that (after all, we are great and moving forward all the time), but the majority of our entries will look to add value to our readers.

Some of the topics we’ll be regularly revisiting include:

  • XHTML and CSS coding tricks, tips, and best practices.
  • Web Design tricks, tips, and trends.
  • General points of interest to internet professionals.

And of course, how great we are and how we’re always improving in the interest of completing our mission:

To provide web designers around the globe with pixel-perfect XHTML and CSS markup as quickly as possible, leaving them more time and money to focus on better design.

See you soon!

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