About us

PSD to HTML/CSS is a division of Exta Solutions Inc., a privately owned corporation based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Simply put, PSD to HTML/CSS was founded to provide designers with the best coding value on the market. While we do have a fair bit of competition, we are fully confident that no one comes close to providing the level of quality that we provide at anywhere near our current rates.

Placing an order with PSD to HTML/CSS is very easy. Simply specify your required time and method of delivery, upload your image and any fonts you've used, and click submit. We'll get cracking on the project right away.

Within as little as 8 hours, you'll receive your first page from us, fully compliant, compatible, and optimized. Add 3 to 8 hours extra per additional page, depending on the complexity of the design.

Our core values:

  1. Respect. We respect our clients as individuals, professionals, and artists. As a result, we never steal or share our clients' design concepts ... or clients!
  2. Honesty. We are up front and honest with our clients in all aspects. As a result, there are never any hidden fees or surprises.
  3. Value. We constantly strive to provide the best coding value on the market. If there is a way to provide a better service at a better price, we absolutely will implement it.
  4. Loyalty. We consider our employees and clients family. For our repeat clients, we offer competitive discounts.
  5. Timeliness. We understand that if you can't count on us delivering on time, you simply can't count on us! Rest assured our code will always be delivered within your time line.
  6. Detail-Oriented. We simply can't find a self-respecting coder that ISN'T detail-oriented. Our value comes in the details of our code. We challenge you to find an error. You won't.

We don't just SAY these are our values, we live by them. To back this up, every project is automatically backed by our Non-Disclosure Agreement and Money-Back Guarantee policies.

If you have any further questions, concerns, or ideas, please contact us - we'd love to hear from you!